FRP Gutter and Downspout System for Use in Corrosive Atmospheres

Resolite's FRP gutter and downspout system was developed specifically for FRP-clad buildings in environments which can destroy painted metal and vinyl systems. While rain washes corrosive materials off wall and roof panels, significant amounts of these materials may actually accumulate in gutter sections.

For additional corrosion resistant protection for buildings employing FRP composite panels, Resolite offers FRP composite gutters and downspouts. Attractive and easy to install, these units are designed to perform under extreme conditions like high winds, thermal shock and static loads from snow and ice accumulation.
Unit of Measure


Standard Gutter and Downspout Lengths

N/A 20 ft

Standard Colors

N/A Beige Gray Stone White


N/A Pultruded for extra strength


N/A Furnished to match material and color


N/A High quality polyester resin with UV stabilizers, continuous unidirectional fiberglass reinforcement, C/W Barrier.

Features and Benefits

N/A Strength Where It's Needed Most
Gutter and downspout systems are subjected to all of the ravishes of climate and weather. They receive maximum UV exposure and endless thermal shocking. Their position at the roof edge makes them inherently vulnerable to high winds and static loading from accumulations of snow and ice. Resolite's gutter and downspout system are manufactured from pultruded FRP shapes incorporating excellent section properties.

Performance and Aesthetics
The Resolite gutter and downspout system looks as good as it performs. It is available in three standard Resolite FRP opaque colors: Stone White, Gray, and Beige. Designers may use the system for vertical or horizontal accent, to complement roof and wall colors, or simply blend the gutter and downspout system into the facade. Resolite's FRP system is the ideal choice for a gutter and downspout system in new construction or for retrofitting existing structures, including buildings with protected metal wall and roof panels.

Quick and Easy Installation
Specifically designed with versatility in mind, this gutter will suit most field conditions. The continuous flange mounts under the roof panel thus eliminating the need for separate eave flashing. Connectors, inserts, and adapters conveniently fit snugly together. Downspouts can be positioned between gutter sections or anywhere along the gutter length. The system includes 45 degree elbows and left and right endcaps. Components are secured to each other with a two-part adhesive and screwed in place with self-tapping stainless steel screws.