• Gutter Details

    FRP Gutter and Downspout System for Use in Corrosive Atmospheres

    Resolite's FRP gutter and downspout system was developed specifically for FRP-clad buildings in environments which can destroy painted metal and vinyl systems. While rain washes corrosive materials off wall and roof panels, significant amounts of these materials may actually accumulate in gutter sections.

    For additional corrosion resistant protection for buildings employing FRP composite panels, Resolite offers FRP composite gutters and downspouts. Attractive and easy to install, these units are designed to perform under extreme conditions like high winds, thermal shock and static loads from snow and ice accumulation.

  • FRP Fasteners, Sealants and Installation Accessories

    Resolite offers a complete line of fasteners, sealants and accessories for use in conjunction with Resolite FRP panels. These items may be ordered with FRP panels or independently. Many items are in stock for quick delivery. Contact Resolite Customer Service for availability.

  • FRP Flashing

    Standard Flashing

    All flashings are furnished with embossed exterior finish.
    Flashing should be fastened a maximum of 12" on center. Use SB-2 fasteners for attaching FRP flashing to FRP panels. Provide caulking as required.