• Tred-Safe™ Roofing and Siding Panels

    A truly walkable fiberglass panel! Tred-Safe™ is a high end industrial building panel with incredible toughness. It is designed to safely support normal foot traffic and the weight of maintenance workers. With over 20 years of successful product installations, Tred-Safe™ is the industry's premier choice for corrosion resistant roofing and sidewall solutions.

  • RFM Factory Mutual System Roofing Panels

    RFM Approved

    Over 50 years of production and development experience has gone into Resolite's RFM panels. These panels were tested at Factory Mutual Research Center and have passed both the Factory Mutual 25 and 50 foot Corner Test. Both tests were conducted on minimum 6'0" spans to simulate real world Conditions.

    Resolite RFM panels were designed to provide a cladding that would carry a Factory Mutual fire-rated approval for walls, ceilings, and roof applications without sprinkler protection. They have passed both the FM 25-foot and 50-foot Corner Tests, using 6'0" spans to simulate actual construction conditions. RFM panels have also achieved an ASTM E 108 Class B rating.

    RFM panels are produced with an isophthalic resin system that provides maximum corrosion resistance and weathering characteristics. They are also available in 7.2" x 1.5" rib, 7.0" x 1.5" rib and 4.2 x 1-1/16" corrugated. Standard colors are Stone White, Gray and Beige.

    Resolite has also achieved Factory Mutual I-90 wind uplift classification for all RFM panel profiles.

  • Fire-Snuf Roofing and Siding Panels

    FS25A - Fire Rated

    Resolite FS25A panels have over 50 years of long term performance history. Both have been utilized wherever fire resistance, corrosion resistance and good weathering characteristics are critical. Installations include various types of manufacturing facilities and a host of other industrial building applications.

    '30' Series Panel

    Resolite produces translucent FRP composite panels for applications where light transmission is a design consideration. The '30' series panels offer soft, diffused light, and are available in a variety of colors and light transmission percentages.

    '30' Series FS25A (Translucent) panels are available in 830 (nom. 8 oz./sq.ft.) through 1230 (nom. 12 oz./sq.ft.). These panels incorporate approximately 30% chopped glass reinforcement with an embossed exterior finish, and are available in all standard and many special roofing and siding configurations, including flat sheets.

    '40' Series Panel

    The Resolite '40' Series CRFS25A (Opaque) and FS25A (Translucent) are Resolite's high-strength wall and roof panels. They are available in a wide variety of profiles and types ranging from 840 (nom. 8 oz./sq.ft.) through 1440 (nom. 14 oz./sq.ft.).

    Resolite '40' series panels incorporate the optimum 60% resin/40% glass matrix to provide the best corrosion, weathering and structural properties available for fiberglass products. The high quality isophthalic polyester resin system and bi-directional, continuous strand woven and chopped strand glass reinforcing produce an ideal balance for superior composite materials. In addition, C/W (Corrosion/ Weathering) Barrier is standard on all '40' Series panels to enhance panel performance over the life of the product. These panels come with the Underwriters Laboratories' Flame Spread Rating of 25.

  • Acryloy/CR Acryloy Roofing and Siding Panels

    Non-Fire Rated

    Resolite Acryloy and CR-Acryloy are names synonymous with Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer panels in the corrosion and industrial markets. In very corrosive environments, such as steel mill pickling operations, the maintenance staff discovered that after a few years of exposure their metal cladding was failing.