• FRP Wall Louvers

    Ventilation in Corrosive Atmospheres

    Resolite's ResoFLO FRP gravity ventilation systems are designed to withstand the extremely corrosive environments often associated with pulp and paper mills, chemical plants, steel mills, metal treatment facilities, chlorine cell buildings, and wastewater treatment plants. Operating conditions at these types of industrial sites typically include deadly threats to building components, excess heat, moisture and corrosive gases, liquids and particulates. Working together, they can quickly destroy ordinary ventilation system components and impair critical production processes. Fiberglass reinforced polymer materials, with their excellent resistance to corrosive atmospheres, can substantially increase the service life of ventilation systems.

    Resolite's ResoFLO Series (Stationary Blade and Adjustable Blade) FRP Louvers provide excellent corrosion resistance for industrial and commercial air intake or exhaust applications. The center pivot adjustable blade louvers and stationary blade louvers are custom fabricated to fit any size opening. Individual pultruded louver blades are mounted in strong, minimum 6" deep, pultruded FRP channel frames. Mullion covers are provided for multi-unit installations.

  • FRP Wall Ventilators

    Series RFVS Gravity Ventilators

    ResoFLO continuous ridge ventilators, employing corrosion-resistant FRP components, are designed to produce maximum gravity airflow under a wide range of adverse operating conditions. Internal baffles and the outside windband effectively seal out the elements and prevent backdrafts. Special corrosion resistant bearings permit optional manual chain operated dampers to always move freely, even in the most corrosive industrial environments. ResoFLO gravity ventilators operate efficiently requiring virtually no maintenance expense while offering substantial savings in ventilation costs compared to power ventilators.

    These ventilators provide excellent corrosion resistance for industrial and commercial exhaust applications.